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Rudkins was first opened shortly after the second world war when Ron Rudkin opened a hairdressing salon in Coates just outside Peterborough. Shortly after he moved his business to Westgate in Peterborough. Due to redevelopment and construction of the Queensgate centre Rudkins moved to New Road opposite what was then Peterborough Motors. It was in New Road that Ron started fixing shavers and built up his Shaver sales and repair business. It was hard to believe he had time to do any business if you listen to the amount of customers who claimed to have played golf with him on a weekly basis. Ron died in 1979. That same year Stan and Joan Harris took over the business and kept the name Rudkins for the sake of continuity. Stan concentrated on the spares and repair side of the business as his abilities in hairdressing were non existent. In 1981 Rudkins moved to Bridge Street but again redevelopment meant yet another move and in 1983 Rudkins moved to Eastfield Road Peterborough and was joined by son Mike Harris, on the insistence of his father, who couldn't stand to see him idle.

Mike and the gang


// Mike and the gang circa 1836 //

Mike in seach of the lesser


// Mike Harris was a birdwatcher for the ministry of agriculture. Here he can be seen seeking out the elusive lesser crested warble bottom //

"At least you've got a job and money in your pocket until you know what you want to to with your life." Mike, to this day, is still wondering what he is going to do with his life. With a background of Landscape gardening, biology and professional birdwatching for the Ministry Of Agriculture, this seemed to Mike to be the perfect career move.He embarked on learning the business. Starting on Electric cookers, moving onto Microwave ovens and vacuum cleaners and other smaller appliances. In 1990 Rudkins was joined by other son Chris, his background in confectionary and iced buns proved invaluable to an up and coming electrical business. Except Chris turned out to be a genius in fixing things. Even items the manufacturers said couldn't be fixed. Well no one told him that. Sadly Stan Harris died in 2009. Leaving the business in the hands of Mike, Chris and Joan. In 2011 Rudkins joined forces with Bens TV on St Pauls Road amalgamating the two businesses under one roof.


Today Rudkins is run by Mike, Carole and Chris under the ever watchful eye of Joan.